Fluorescent Lighting

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Price: $499.99
1200 watts of daylight power Large beautiful light source Included fluorescent lamps All metal construction 180-degree rotation
Price: $449.99
$449.99 - $50 off for a price of $399.99 through September 30, 2016

  • Complete continuous daylight kit
  • Includes light heads, lamps, softboxes, and stands
  • High-quality, UL-Certified ceramic sockets
  • CE certified for safety
  • Compact and lightweight housing
  • 5 switches control each lamp
  • Built-in D5 softbox receptacles
  • Softboxes with reflective interiors
  • Heat resistant rods and fabrics

Price: $329.99
Obtain professional quality photos in the comfort of your own home with this educational Erin Manning Home Studio Lighting Kit.
Price: $319.99
Interfit Monstar 3 Fluorescent Light Kit